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Updated: Jul 28, 2019

Man, I compare myself a lot! Before I got into the blogging and Instagram game, I never really cared. I always looked at others pages and said, “wow, I really like how they/he/she edit their pictures”. And now that I’m trying clean up my stuff and make it all “magical and fluffy” (rolling my eyes), I have realized how much jealousy comes out of comparing! One day, I want this filter, the next, I want that filter!! The more profiles I see that I like, I want to change everything! And no matter how many minutes, hours, days, I edit, I seem to never meet what their pictures look like. And then I look at how many likes they have for a simple picture of … let’s say … their drink of choice at Starbucks! What the heck people!! You are more engaged with a picture of an over priced-over sweetened-frappe, than you are of my baby niece being born! WHAT. IS. WRONG. WITH. OUR. COUNTRY. lol! I’m partly kidding with that!!


Last week, I attended one of my friends shows at this cool, little venue that’s kinda hidden within a neighborhood! While I waited for a friend to show up, I relaxed by the fire pit out front. I immediately noticed the girl across from me, because I follow her on Instagram!! If you know me, you’d know that I will talk to anybody! I have NO SHAME in pointing someone out, and letting them know that I like their work! So I did! I said “hey, are you this person _____? I think I follow you on Instagram and I really like your stuff!”. She was so shocked and thankful that I said something! I struck up a conversation with her and her friends, and when the doors opened they asked if I’d like to tag along! I thought that was so sweet of them to include me! So, I hung out with them for a while, waiting for my friend/friends, and quickly realized they weren’t as interesting as their Instagrams made them out to be! (Isn’t that a part of social media though?) The whole time I tried connecting with them, and was truly interested in their lives, and they acted like I didn’t matter! Half of that time, they gave me no eye contact what so ever! I thought, “maybe their just tired, maybe this is how they get to know people, maybe they are distracted”. Then, I admitted to myself, that they just aren’t interested in me. I spotted my friend, and some others I knew walk in, so I said, “nice to meet you guys, maybe I’ll see you around”! But truthfully, my friend could not have come at a more perfect time; I was running out of conversation fillers, hehe! I still follow that girl on Instagram, because I do love the way her pictures look! But, now I know, she isn’t as genuine as her posts make her out to be, which lessened my jealousy of her!


Anybody else wanna admit that they do this??! You compare and compare, but you never put yourself in their shoes! I guarantee, (and if money was on the line, you have a MONEY BACK Guarantee), there are people out there, prrooooobably the same ones that you’re jealous of, that look at you and are jealous too! I learned a strong lesson that night: I will NEVER be her, and she will NEVER be me! She brings something unique to the world, and so do I! And now that I have met her and know what she’s like, I’m no longer jealous of the life she seems to have! Now, I just look at her posts and see a good picture! The same goes for you! YOU bring something unique to this world, and juuuuust because someone has 65K followers and you don’t, doesn’t mean that lessens your uniqueness! A lot of that is fake! Fake set ups, fake advertisements, fake life! Am I saying that’s wrong, ABSOLUTELY NOT! I think it’s fun to have photo shoots and paid gigs and what not, but I strive to always be honest and let people know my life isn’t “magical and fluffy”!


If you are in the comparison game too, STOP it RIGHT NOW! Take this opportunity to realize, NO ONE, and I mean NO ONE, can ever be who you are! They don’t stand a chance!

Oh, and p.s. God is your #1 Follower and Fan, and that is definitely enough for me!

And p.p.s. The pictures shown are just some accounts I really love, and you should go follow them!

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