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Updated: Jul 28, 2019

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High school was a bit rough for me. As I made that GIGAAAAANTIC (seemed like it at 14) transition into high school from middle school, I was counseled by my Dad to drop all my friends ... LIKE A BAD HABIT ... sorry I couldn't resist that one hehe

I had been living in Chicago then for 3 years and somehow ended up with some pretty lousy friends. And I mean reallyyyy lousy! Like they were just straight up rude to everyone, including their parents (which I know is normal for the average teen...but most teens are at like a 7.5 on the rude scale, they were at like a 12), they treated me like their slave (at times)/friend they were obsessed with (it freaked me out), and they cared about nothing in life. There were days when I'd come home happy and be like "woohooo I have friends that care about me, and I'm hot"... yada yada yada I was an embarrassing teenager. Then, there would be nights I would cry myself to sleep, because I couldn't bare the stuff they did to me.

*Side rant*: Why do girls have to go to the bathroom together? That happened throughout my middle and high school years ... we all know what you're doing ... you gossiping kiddos.

ALRIGHT! Back to high school! So, I had no idea where I belonged! I was the girl that was friends with everyone! The popular kids, the geeks, the band kids, the choir kids, the drama kids, the art kids, the sport kids, and everyone else! Thank you Mom and Dad for raising me in such a diverse way! But, that made it insanely hard for me to have one core group of friends. I ended up finding them in my later years, but the first couple were hit or miss.

My freshman and sophomore years were the hardest by far! My freshman year, I dreaded going to lunch! I don't know about your school, but we couldn't trade lunch periods. And every semester, I ended up in a lunch period opposite than my friends! So I had two choices: sit alone, or sit with those I could tolerate - WELL CRAP! Now I'm thinking, I guess I could have just socialized and made more friends...oooppps. It sucked sooooo bad! And I was bullied by the group of girls I sat with. So, in my future years, I took up Vocal Jazz, which meant I had to give up my lunch period! I'll admit, that was 30% of the reason I auditioned; I didn't want to go to lunch anymore, and have no one to sit by.

To spare you some time reading, and get on with the actual reason for writing this, lets just do some quick points!

  • I was never asked to a dance (aka Homecoming, Formal, Prom, etc.) all of high school and middle school

  • I would cry myself to sleep some nights in high school and middle schoolI never had a boyfriend in high school

  • I had a lot of rumors spread about me in high school (still not sure what they were)

  • I got bullied a good amount

I'm guessing we have some stuff in common?

This last Friday night, I went to a Blogger Spring Social! It was so much fun, and I'm grateful that I have this outlet of friends to experience life with! But, it felt a lot like my high school lunch period.

Who here is popular? Who has 15K+ followers on Instagram? Who gets endorsed by companies? Whose outfit looks the most expensive? Whose outfit is the cutest?

The list goes on and on.

I felt ignored by certain people there, almost as if I wasn't worthy of their attention! One group of girls that I specifically remember, I don't believe socialized with anyone that wasn't already in their circle - completely missing the point of the WHOLE event! I knew all of this going into blogging (especially here in Nashville), but I guess I was hoping for a little bit of light. Someone to show me that there is a real person under all of their FREE, over caked on makeup, perfectly overtrained booty, newly purchased high end designer clothing (which by the way, I bet you are returning, right? - some bloggers do that if you weren't informed), over Facetuned Instagram pictures, and original Jeffrey Campbell shoes. Alas, I was wrong!

I know, I know, I know. I'm not rich, and I don't like half that stuff! But, for pete's sake, why does that have to label me as a person? Why does that have to divide us? You might have a crap ton of followers, but that doesn't make you YOU.

*I have one friend who has over 200K Instagram followers, yet her engagement is less than 10%!!! On one photo, she is lucky to get 15,000 likes; though her average is like 7,000. Seems like she needs to be a bit more of a person, and less of a an ad.

Please, bloggers out there!! I'm begging you to be more concerned with who you are, and how you come off to people! I want to get to know you, and I wish you wanted to get to know me!


You'll start to see that people will want to engage more with you and actually form some sort of relationship! I believe in you, and I believe you have the capabilities to be real!



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