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Updated: Jul 28, 2019

Valentine’s, Valentine’s, Valentine’s.

What are you doing today for Valentine’s?! I would love to know! I have already seen so many posts on social media, and it just give me goosebumps and joy to see them happy!

I feel like society deems Valentine’s Day as the one day a year you can show your love and appreciation for someone … let me repeat: THE ONE DAY! Can we not take all 364 other days and love on people too?! I say, hellz yeah!

Unfortunately, and fortunately, I am SINGLE this year! So I’m taking the “love” that’s supposed to happen on Valentine’s Day towards things and not people. Well, yes, I will celebrate the people I love, but I’m going to be spending my evening doing something I love! Tonight, I’m working on my single! HAHAHA I’m single, and I’m working on my single; somehow I find that funny! So, my day is still filled with constant love and I’m so excited for my evening!

Ohhhhh, and for dinner, I’m getting Noodles & Company with my producer! And he’s buying, how sweet of him!!

In a perfect world, I would have the best Valentine’s Day! I’m a sucker for the little things, and things that tie into memories. I think the “norm” is going out to eat, seeing a movie, or receiving flowers, but that’s not really what I want. Would I accept it, abso-freakin-lutely , but if I could have it my way, this is just one thing I would want: ** Side Note: before I get too far, I am talking about a man and I, not my cat and I! **

  1. Dress all fancy, like we’re going out

  2. Cook dinner together

  3. I would make dessert (I’m a pro when it comes to Crème Brûlée

  4. Slow dance to Frank Sinatra in a candlelight room

  5. Watch some stupid movie

Now, I have only ever had two dates on Valentine’s Day. Both were the “norm”, and not bad at all; I promise I’m not complaining. But, just once, I would love for a man to read my mind and just do something small. Even a small text, would be great as well!

What are you doing??!! If you’re single like me, don’t get all sad and stuff, God’s got someone for you! Take tonight to do something with other singles, or have some “ME” time!

Thank you Kassi Ashton for the Valentine’s quotes!


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