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Updated: Jul 30, 2019

I wish the United States was like Europe; offering $50 flights, but that may never happen! I have been traveling for a couple years now, and have found some websites or airline providers that do indeed have cheap flights, given, you research correctly! Being the anxious traveler I am, I am constantly circuiting the same websites weekly, to see when my next big trip will happen!

This is the first website I check:



Skyscanner searches through multiple airlines for the dates and location you set, to try and find you the best deal! They do use outside sites for these deals, so if you’re worried about cancellations, fees, or anything else…you may not want to use this site. For instance, when I flew to Italy, I bought my flight and Skyscanner which was technically from This means, the flight is non refundable and non transferable. Luckily, when I missed my Delta flight coming home from Rome, Delta graciously transferred me to the next day flight. Frankly, I don’t think they would let me be stuck in another country! My flight to Rome was around $800 all together. I research my exact flight separately on Delta’s website, and it was over $1,000 for one way! Huge savings there. I trust Skyscanner, and I hope you will too!

If I don’t find what I’m looking for on Skyscanner, then I reach out to my other favorite sites!

Southwest Airlines


I absolutely love Southwest! I use them all over the United States, but they also have flights to more tropical places! Recently, I was looking (dreaming really) at flights to the Caribbean, Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, and Mexico! Let me tell you, Southwest has got some cheap flights! The lowest flight to San Juan in Puerto Rico is $124 one way! That’s incredible! It’s also strange because going to, say, Florida is less distance but more expensive!

Southwest also have very cheap prices from where you’re located! To flight to Chicago is $120, Pensacola is $90. That’s so cheap! They also have the low price fare calendar. So, if your date is flexible, you can choose the lowest price for you! Check for Southwest Airlines sales! Every year they have lost cost flights for sale! They normally are form $49 one way!

Norwegian Air


If you want to fly internationally and never have, now is your chance! Norwegian Air is offering insanely cheap flights departing from the East Side of the United States. That would be New York, Boston… etc. Now, I would have to find a way from Nashville —–> New York, but the cost savings are still relevant to me. To fly to Denmark in December is $179.00- $205.05 one way! Don’t just get fooled with the low price though, if you want food or other amenities normally provided on international flights, you must upgrade. It still is only around $50-70, but overall you’re saving a ton on travel! If you want to go to Guadeloupe (which I have no idea where it is), its $79.00 one way! What about United Kingdom? $149.00 one way! France…$79.00, Norway… $159.00, Lithuania…$192.00. Are you impressed yet? Have you booked yet?

I hope you are booking a bucket list trip, a dream vacation, or a spur of the moment investment! The world is waiting, but time isn’t! Go now; explore! Gain a new prospective you never thought you would!


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