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Updated: Jul 29, 2019

Seriously! There is no place like hostels! Hostels literally saved my life when I was abroad, and I’d chose them again any day! Some people think hostels are very similar to motels, but that’s very INCORRECT! They are clean, cozy, affordable, and interesting! Hostels are an experience! Typically, you stay in a room with 4 or more people (price varies by quantity), and you end up meeting a lot of new friends!


Abbey Court Hostel- Dublin, Ireland

You’re all there for the same reasons, to travel and explore! I guarantee that they’re going to the exact same places you are; so why not have a travel buddy for a day? I found many new friends to travel with, and am still in contact with them today!


So what is a Hostel? Google defines it as this, “an establishment that provides inexpensive food and lodging for a specific group of people, such as students, workers, or travelers.” Good job Google, you hit that spot on! It’s crazy inexpensive, and one may think the term “You get what you pay for” applies, but that simply is not true for hostels! Some, yaaa it’s definitely true! Though, the ones I have stayed at, I would gladly chose over an over-priced hotel! Most hostels are laid out like summer camps, with double to triple bunk beds. Most beds/rooms have lockers in them, where you can store all your luggage and valuables!

TIP: I would suggest bringing your own lock when you travel, because some hostels charge up to 5 Eur/whatever currency to rent them! 

Since, most of the time your room is communal, normally the bathrooms are too! If you’re like me, and you went to a Christian college, you’re used to it by now! lol. When researching hostels make sure you check if breakfast is included! This is super crucial to save every penny, and hostel breakfast from what I’ve experienced is the bomb!


Hostels gave me the chance to save money, stay safe, and relive my camp days when I was younger! Each hostel I stayed at was at least 30 Eur or less a night. You could compare them to Airbnbs, which I also would highly recommend! I went with hostels because I was a female traveling alone, and it’s better to be surrounded with people, than none at all! Some of my hostels were around 11 Eur a night, that’s a STEAL!

I stayed in at least 8 hostels (most I have forgotten the names of, unfortunately)!

These are some hostels I remembered and recommend!

  1. St Christopher’s Inn – This is a chain hostel! They have many locations! I stayed at the Barcelona, Spain STI (cheapest room is currently is 13.80 Eur), and the Hammersmith, London STI (10.40 Pounds currently). Breakfast is included, and was super tasty! Both of these hostels are AMAZING, and very centrally located to everything going on! St Christopher’s Inn Website

  2. Abbey Court – This hostel is in the perfect spot in Dublin! Temple Bar is just short walk over River Liffey’s pedestrian bridge, main O’Connell Street is close by with shopping and historic monuments, and anything else you could want in the center of Dublin! I had a great time exploring Dublin from this hostel! Make sure you walk around the entire hostel, best they have some really cool things hidden within their walls. Oh, and breakfast included as well! Current room is 25 Eur, though I believe my room at the time was like 13.50 Eur. Abbey Court Hostel Website - P.S. They have a really cute receptionist Lucas. He is a fox! If you see him, he has tattoos, and wears a beanie most of the time. One could say we hit it off; we still talk even today (2.5 years after meeting)!

  3. Arty Paris – This hostel is a little farther out in Paris, but the metro is very close by and I used that to get around town every single day! It was maybe a 15 minute ride to the Eiffle! I thought the hostel was incredibly cute; located in a quaint area with lots of restaurants and little shops. Anddd, yes breakfast included too (depending on what package you purchase)! Rooms are currently about 25 Eur – 30 Eur. Arty Paris Website - P.S. Escargot is actually very delicious!

I hope these suggestions sway you to try out hostels and stop being so afraid of the world! The world is out there and only wants you to take it’s hand. If you want to travel on a budget, hostels are the WAY to go!

I would love to hear your input and suggestions! What Hostels have you stayed at?



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