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Updated: Jul 29, 2019

I’m gonna be honest guys. Lately….I have been so broke! And broke, is not a place I want to be. So, what am I going to do about it?

If you’re like me, and you work full-time, you’re probably wondering…how can I make a little extra cash (without doing anything illegal of course) and find some extra time as well! I believe I figured it out, and hopefully one of these tricks with work for you!

These are just a couple of apps/website/brands that can potentially earn you money, depending on how much you are willing to invest (money and time wise):

1. Become a Rodan & Fields Consultant

Rodan & Fields is the #1 leading skin care brand in America. They are the doctors that created Proactive, yet their newer company is not just targeted towards acne. They also have beauty products as well, that helps you show off your true and natural beauty! This is the company I recently chose to start consulting with!

Check out the Rodan & Fields website for all the information you could want!

2.  Download the app: Takl

I have personally used this app, and love it! When I moved to Nashville, I wanted quick and easy cash. I downloaded this app, and worked away! They have so many categories such as cleaning homes, yard work, writing resumes, helping study, doing simple hose chores, you name it! I got paid $50 to write someones resume, and it was awesome!


3. Become a Mary Kay Consultant

Mary Kay is a skincare/beauty product/ and fragrance brand. I knew them most from their makeup products, my sister used to be a consultant. I believe they work with the same business plan as before, which is you have to buy your own inventory to sell. That means spending money on products that may or may not sell. Your choice. Do you have the capital or not? Now, this isn’t such a negative thing if you believe in the brand. I always thought, Mary Kay’s make up products were really nice. My only problem, I have way too much makeup and need to get rid of it first!


4. Start driving for Lyft/ Uber-

I drive for Lyft! I know some things about Uber, but in my opinion the way Lyft designed their program is much better. With Lyft, (not sure what Uber does) you can drive as much or as least as you want! I think the last time I drove was maybe 3 weeks ago. I drive when I have an extra Friday night, or Saturday or just two hours of the week. If I’m estimating, I really only drive for 2 hours + (or less) each shift, and normally make around $40 or more. That’s $20 an hour, which is pretty good for the small task. Also, if you are worried about safety precautions, I would highly recommend you research first. That’s what I did!


5. Become a Blogger

Now, I know that I haven’t been making any money off my blog. It is a time consuming business and process. Blogging definitely does work though, and it has been proven through many other individuals blogs. You first need to find your niche market. Try to really hone in on something you’re passionate about, and other people are too! If you use a site like WordPress (which this blog is created with), they give you subscription offers where you can monetize your blog! I haven’t taken that route yet, but will very soon! I am waiting to get a little bit more traffic before determining if I really can do this!

6. Start doing odd jobs

I have a ton of friends who are hired by families, and they take control of most of their chores, and errands. For instance, if a mom or dad doesn’t set aside time for grocery shopping, making dry cleaning runs, or simple house chores, they may hired someone to do it for them. The family I babysit for, does this!

7. Find a family, and start babysitting

You probably have heard this many times, but is the ultimate sitting website. I even found the family I now babysit for, on It started with just New Years Eve, but then I grew to be their primary babysitter!


8. Become an Airbnb seller

I have a couple friends in Nashville who offer up their extra rooms, or entire house, for those interested in renting on Airbnb. One specific friend, is now living in a Condo because he rents out his whole house almost every night. I will warn you, if you don’t own your house…meaning that you’re a renter, YOU CANNOT PUT YOUR ROOM/HOUSE UP FOR RENT! That is illegal! And also, it’s very hard to find insurance that covers a random person.

The list could honestly go on, on, and on….and there are several websites that can give more advice. Like this: The Penny Hoarder

I hope you start finding your way to financial freedom! And if you would like to check out my personal Rodan & Fields page, I would love it! You can message/comment if you have any questions what so ever.

My Rodan & Fields Site


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