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Updated: Jul 29, 2019

In the past couple of years, my Dad has only given us kids one option for his Christmas gift. Last year, instead, I bought him something different. And to be honest, I don’t even remember what it was, so it must have not been that important lol! But this year, I think my Dad’s got the right idea!

He sends us his Christmas List, or shall I say Christmas Wish, over text message, which lists out all of his Samaritan’s Purse pickings. You can find those HERE if you’re interested as well!

I realized my Dad understand Christmas much more than I do! I thought that since I barely have enough money for even my own family, then how would I ever have enough for others? That’s just it: cut out the family, and I have so much more for others! Now, I still want to buy my family something for Christmas, but what if I did that, while still benefiting someone else! Ya just gotta look for those companies that give when you give!

I’ve made it much more simpler for you! Below is a list of companies I found, that I would gladly support!

  1. Pura Vida Bracelets: This company is so freakin cool! You can buy jewelry/accessories to support many causes like these: cancer awareness, animal awareness, women causes, enviro causes. How cool is that! One little order can make some kind of impact!

  2. We Wood Watches: This company is for all those environmentalists out there! For every wood watch you buy, they plant a tree!

  3. Warby Parker: My coworker bought glasses from this company, and they are soooo cute! I’m shocked that they are very stylish, yet like half the cost of name brands! Also, the great thing about this company is that they give a pair glasses, when you buy a pair, to someone in need!

  4. Sudara: This company is fighting against slavery and sex trafficking with providing women with life skills and long term jobs! I love companies like these, that truly give someone a way out! And their clothes are super cute, and looking crazy comfortable!

  5. Conscious Step:  My brother-in-law Dave is super easy to shop for for Christmas. He normally always would like a pair of weird socks! This company definitely has those! With every sock purchase you are helping to fight poverty!

  6. fashionABLE: Located right here in Nashville, my roommate Beth works there, is this awesome company! They are providing opportunities to women in other countries to finally break through the poverty line, and make something of themselves! Also, right here in Nashville, they use women from the Nashville Rescue Missions for on site jobs! When you walk into their shop, it’s like leather heaven!

  7. FEED: With every purchase you are helping to feed someone! The item you wanna buy, will tell you exactly how many meals it will afford! So, if you’re already buying a handbag for someone for Christmas, why not make a difference while doing it!

  8. ChildFund: Give a gift that will last years! Sponsor a child every single month for just $33! Help feed them and their family, and help them through school! I sponsor a little 2 year old from Indonesia! This is her: Tasya!

If you’d like some more companies that give back, check out Goldwill Digger’s most recent post! Or you can use good ol’ Google!

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