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Updated: Jul 30, 2019

If you’ve ever flown, no matter how far or how long, you know that you get gross! You show up and board the plane looking like Gwen Stefani, because you want to have your 10 second imagination of fame, but 20 minutes into the flight, you regret lookin’ so fly! And I bet people are laughing at you at security check point trying to slide your knee high boots off. What kinda offense you hiding from the public? Hairy legs? I feel ya…I have been that girl showing up thinking, “Ya never know who you’re gonna meet”…. and then I meet no one. I give up! 20 minutes into the flight, I hate my fashionista decision. I look over to my left at the girl in sweats, and dream.

Here are my pointers to make sure you still look cute, and fresh, all at the same time!

1. Hydrate Yo Self!

When I fly, I always bring my collapsible water bottle. Thank you for  awesome parents, who bought it off my Christmas List!No more paying or overpriced water at the airport. This little guy can fit into anything! This one is the best, in my opinion.

Vapur Water Bottle (sold on Amazon) : These come in a couple different sizes! Great for hiking too!


2. Make Sure Your Hair Looks Clean!

When I fly, I always bring my shampoo in a bottle! My little secret! You can pick these up at War-Mart, Ulta (they have a ton), online, or at many stores!

Batiste Dry Shampoo (3 pack travel size)


 3.  Keep Your Make-Up Simple!

When I fly, I always try to only apply a little bit of eye make-up. I will use       some Mascara (Urban Decay), Liquid Eye Liner- if you fall asleep, this won’t spread or fade really (Urban Decay), and a tad eye shadow for a smokey eye. Leaving your face make-up free is overall a good thing! You can rehydrate your skin with some lotion after a long nap, and you give your pore some more time to breathe! If you have acne or acne scars and are self conscious about them, I would recommend getting a light weight powder, one that is healthy for your skin! I also put some kind of lip gloss on for extra moisture; currently I’m using a Clinique glide on lip gloss!

simple make up

4.  On The Go Shower!

When I fly, I always feel completed disgusting. I am sweaty, smelly (despite the deodorant), and worn out. I carry these bad boys with me whenever I fly! They keep you clean and smelling fresh!


5. Be The Person That Everyone Can Breathe Around!

Don’t be the person that reeks of B.O., get some deodorant that lasts a long time, and is also healthy for you! I recommend this one: Rocky Mountain

6. Wear Your Jammie Jams!

Okay, maybe not your pajamas, but defintitely clothes that you will feel comfortable sleeping in. Cause, let’s be honest, you probably will fall asleep….especially if it’s a long long flight! If you want to be Gwen Stefani then, do what I do. I pack an extra shirt and shorts/joggers (I pack shorts/ joggers because they normally have a blanket and I get hot), to change into on the flight. That way, I can still be a fashionista before and after! For the all around perfect flight outfit I would suggest this:

– Baggy V-Neck T-shirt                

– Baseball Cap

– Jogger Pants                              

– Nike Tennis Shoes/Vans High Tops

– Cute Sports Bra                        

– Thin Sweater/Sweatshirt

Here is some advice to stay healthy and stay in fit while flying!



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