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Updated: Mar 4, 2021

** This post is sponsored by Moving Solutions. All tips and suggestions are my own.**

We bought our first house...well condo (the picture above is our new living room before renovations)! We will renovate for a couple of months and then move in at the end of April. We couldn't be more excited to take on a bigger project than all of the little furniture flips I've been doing! We plan on investing and keeping this as a rental property, but with the way the market has been in Nashville, we may consider selling instead.

Now, contrary to popular belief and various surveys, I actually enjoy moving! I don't really get too stressed with it but I absolutely do feel the physical tolls it takes on one's body. The only thing I hate is putting my house together with all the paint, decor, etc., and then tearing it all down to move again. Ughhh, it's a drag. To help limit stress on your next move, I listed a couple of tips and tricks to try out below!

Tip #1: Declutter your life!

I know you've probably heard this so many times from so many people...but it couldn't be less valid! I normally start with my clothes and do a mixture of the Marie Kondo method and honest truth: Do I need this, have I worn this in the last year, does this make me happy? Then I have a keep pile and a donate pile! After clothes, I normally pull out all the boxes that have been in storage and look through them. If you find something in those boxes, besides holiday decor, and you haven't missed it since you put it away, that's a sign to get rid of it! I understand some things may be memorabilia from a passed family member or friend, so you can be the judge on that. Personally, I love giving back to Goodwill because it's simple and I shop there a lot. Or, if you have some objects of value, why not try Facebook Marketplace or Craiglist?! This may help pay for some of your move.

Trick #2: Be efficient with your packing!

Packing materials can add up quickly! I like to use bankers boxes because they are the perfect size and have grip holes on each side. Nothing is more uncomfortable than moving an awkwardly sized object! I normally order these in bulk from an office supply store. I don't like being wasteful with packing supplies since I do move frequently, so believe it or not, but I still have all of my boxes nicely folded under my couch out of eye sight. I highly recommend this if you have space!

Protecting your goods is also very important! I typically save the newspapers that come in the mail or I buy some packing paper to help pack all of my breakables. Pro tip: Use your hand towels to your advantage! I have a crazy amount of handtowels, so instead of just nicely packing them, I use them for protection.

But what about hanging clothes? I have had people tell me that I'm a genius at packing hanging clothes. I take a strong black trash bag, start at the bottom, load my clothes into it, and secure the pull tie around the hangers at the top. This protects your clothes from being dropped, stains, tears, ANYTHING!

Tip #3: Get help!

I personally have never used a moving service besides renting trucks and equipment, but for the sake of my health, I need to start. Since moving to Nashville in 2016, I have now moved 6 times and have never relied on a moving service. Please don't follow my example and save up for a moving company; they are worth it! In 2018, I ended up pulling something while moving in my neck and still to this day it has not fully healed. If you're in the Nashville area, try out Moving Solutions. They have a perfect 5-star rating on Google, support commercial or residential moves, and provide online estimates - which is handy!

To save money, you can also use your friends or family, but trust me, you'll still be stressed all day! With a moving company, you can start unpacking quickly and you don't have to worry about items get dropped or damaged! They even offer commercial moving in the Nashville, TN area.

Overall, moving unfortunately is stressful. Try out my tips (decluttering, packing efficiently, and getting help) and I guarantee your moving experience will be the best yet. If you're in the process of moving, I'd love to hear if you try these out and how they worked for you!


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