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Updated: Jul 29, 2019

This past week, I saved around $450 or more, simply by using my resources!

First, my engine light went on, one day before I had to take the Emissions test. Now, if you’re a Nashvillian reading this, you know, you CAN NOT have your engine light on for that!

And second, I opened my MacBook late one night, to find the ever so disappointing flashing file folder with a question mark. If this has ever happened to you, I’m sorry and I feel your pain.

So, immediately my mind was going to extremes: What can I sell? Do I have to give away Nissan? Does this mean no more Christmas? If I had a kid, would I sell them?

Like I said, extremes lol.

I took my car into Midas, who have always been so kind to me, and then they became mean by quoting $220 for supposedly an “easy fix”! Naht this time Midas, … I’m gonna use my resources first! I prayed a bit, then I grabbed my phone and put out a status on the lovely Facebook. 3 friends, (yes, I’ll admit, they were men), responded to the post! Yaaaassssss, take that Midas! My friend TJ was the winner of helping me, and he knew exactly what part I needed and how to fix it!

I haven’t seen TJ since college, and was shocked to hear that he lived here in Nashville! We haven’t spoke in a maybe a year or more, so we decided to catch up over dinner at the amazinggggg (I say this with so much sarcasm) Applebee’s! After dinner we took a lil’ spin down to O’Reilly Auto Parts, and for the unbelievable price of $59.99, we bought a brand new EVAP Purge Valve. I bought the more expensive one because it had a life time warranty… (head nod) yeah, I’m fancy like that!

TJ replaced the part in about 5 minutes … Midas told me it would be at least 30 minutes to fix. My question: What the heck are you doing for that 25 minutes?

If I didn’t say it enough, Thank you, thank you, thank you TJ! You’re awesome-sauce for days!

So, I gained two things from this situation: $160.00 not charged on a credit card, and a chance to get to know an old buddy from school!

Now, my MacBook is from 2012! I get that in the Apple world that’s considered “old” and maybe a little unwanted, but I take very good care of my Mac. I have always been complimented on how quick it is and how it physically looks! Alas, this is how it repays me. If you’re not familiar with the flashing folder, this is what it means: Pretty much, your computer sucks, and has developed major signs of dementia! It has forgot all about your time at Disney World, and pretty much anything else that you had saved on the hard drive!!!

I am quite familiar with the flashing folder, because it’s happened maybe 2 times in the last couple years! Luckily, this time around, it did not happen when I was in college where I depended so heavily on my laptop! So, I had a couple days to get this all sorted out.

Apple did a diagnostic and told me my computer couldn’t even recognize that I had a hard drive; this is bad news! And they also could not tell me if my data could be restored or transferred at all! FYI, Apple does not do transfers, so you either need to take it to a techy friend, or pay for it to be done! They quoted around $189.00 for the hard drive and labor, and they informed me that my battery was fried, which would be an extra $120.00! Then, to get my hard drive transferred would be around $100 at a tech store. Grand total: $409.00

I cried, called my dad, and he gave me some wise words. He told me that I was very good at using my resources, and to try to do the same thing I did with my engine problem. So I did! I prayed, and I posted another status on Facebook. My guy friend Keio was so kind and reached out with his services! After buying a new hard drive myself from BestBuy ($71.00) and delivering my Mac to him that night, I had some high hopes! The next day he got back to me with some news, that in time became GREAT news! It wasn’t the hard drive itself, but the cord that connected it to my computer. He fixed it up real quick, and I had it back that day! All my data was still there, and my computer was in good shape again … minus the battery, which I still need to get replaced lol!

If I didn’t say it enough, Keio, thank you, thank you, thank you so freakin’ much! You rock my socks!

Moral of this story: Before you panic and sell a kid, think to yourself, “What can I do to make this work? Who do I know that may be able to help?”. In the end, you may have saved yourself a couple bucks, but that wasn’t the full reward. The true reward, was the opportunity to hang and get to know some pretty rad guys!


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