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Updated: Jul 28, 2019

So, I’ve never really been a resolutions type of gal! I just go with the flow and make the necessary changes along the way! NOT THIS YEAR! I am bound to my resolutions, and I’m going to succeed! 

Statistically speaking, many people set resolutions that are completely unrealistic and so not ideal! And when they look back at the end of the year, they realize “ohhhh, I didn’t lose that 150 lbs that I promised myself I would lose” ! See my point? This year, I wrote down some things that I’d like to see happen! Now, if they don’t, I made resolutions to those resolutions! But, in all honesty, I normally see success in whatever I put effort towards … so I’m not worried! 

Let’s take a stroll down that ever-so-nostalgic road called “2017”, and try to find what I learned or should have learned! I’m gonna go in order to make sure I leave nothing out! 

1. Got a boyfrand 

2. Quit my full time events job

3. Starting working with and booking Skytown Riot

4. Hit rock bottom working 6 am – 2pm at Panera Bread

5. Starting working with Tabor Ministries

6. Quit Panera Bread

7. Got a full-time, big girl job at Leitner, Williams, Dooley, Napolitan PLLC

8. Took a weekend trip to Louisville to see my best friend from college 

9. Went back to Florence Italy to visit Giulia and my boyfrand 

10. Broke up with my boyfrand 

11. My lovely grandmother died

12. Helped with SuperCoolFunFest (which was awesome btw)

13. Had a couple photoshoots

14. Became a Rodan and Fields Consultant

15. Went to GA on a R + F business trip

16. Had a trip to Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge for my mother and I’s birthdays 

17. Turned 23 years old

18. Road in a Cessna 172 (small plane) with my mom, flown by the awesome Ian Rodriguez 

19. Got my Tennessee Drivers License

20. Took a trip with my mom and dad to Marco Island, FL 

21. Went camping with my small group

22. Moved into a new office building

23. Interviewed for a Delta Airlines Flight Attendant position in Atlanta, GA and got to the farthest step

24. Reunited with a childhood best friend, whom I hadn’t seen in 19 years

25. Took a trip to Chattanooga with my small group

26. Spent Thanksgiving with Bethany and her family

27. Went to visit my childhood best friend in Birmingham, AL

28. Went home to Chicago for Christmas

Of course there is way more that I did this past year than this … but these were the noteworthy ones!

What about you?

Onto … takeaways! 

1. Get to know someone very well as friends before I agree to date them

2. Call/ see my loved ones up as much as I can, because one day I’ll have to say goodbye (hopefully I won’t be in a foreign country when it all goes down, like I was)

3. Crying is good, hiding my feelings is not

4. Don’t go after guys in their 30s

5. Go to every concert/event that I possibly can

6. Not having a plan is fun at times

7. A job is a job, and that means money

8. I didn’t fail, just because I’m not where I want to be

9. Social media makes everyone look amazing, and me not so much

10. Being single is a great thing

11. Dating around isn’t that bad

12. Connecting with God and being faithful is sooooo rewarding

13. I can’t hold grudges 

14. Just because someone says I am “this”, doesn’t mean I am … that’s their opinion

15. Trust is hard, especially when no one keeps it 

16. Don’t be afraid of big crowds or people I don’t know

17. Having a cat and wanting to travel a lot is suppppper difficult

19. I need to be thankful more often

20. I learned to listen more when others speak, and talk less

21. I’ve become known at the Frothy Monkey on 51st because I go there every week

22. There are people who want to help me, I just have to ask

23. Not all guys are out there to hurt me

24. Most guys will hurt me (lol)

25. When dating, take everything with a grain of salt, because they don’t know me well enough to make assumptions

26. I learned not to put too much hope into things

27. I learned that I can’t always be pretty and put together

28. I learned I try too hard at times

29. I learned that I can push people away, and I’m not aware enough to know how 

30. I learned that I can’t always keep on schedule

Obviously, there are so much more than those as well! 

What did you learn?

Here are my 2018 Resolutions (at least what I have now):

1. Get a full-time job in the Music Industry

2. Drop my first ever single, “First”

3. Drop first ever EP

4. Learn to fight depression and sad days

5. get 2 new PC’s or orders with Rodan and Fields per month

6. Burn through my candle collection

7. Drink through my tea collection

8. Audition/ Get in to the Nashville Symphony Choir

9. Spend more time connecting with people – especially witnessing to them 

10. Develop more as an artist

11. Book some awesome festivals for Skytown Riot

12. Attend more concerts 

13. Use my Nikon more often

14. Read at least 6 books

15. Get more involved with Ethos/ ministries

16. Learn to love myself more

17. Do yoga at least once a week

18. Conquer a press-up handstand 

I would love to hear what yours are! Are they attainable? Do you have a timeline set up for them? Are they kinda stupid like mine lol?! 


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