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Updated: Jul 28, 2019

This spring, I’m coming up on my 2 year anniversary of residing in Nashville! I’m so joyed to be apart of a city that shines so bright, and is constantly changing! I’ve grown accustom to the lifestyle in Nashville, and I’ve learned that everyone here is hustler! No, never means no, and yes, always means “what’s the catch”. I wanted to be so immersed in music that I would never question if it was the path for me; and with 2 years almost under my belt, I can for sure say music is my love.

Nashville’s population is exploding, and with new people, comes new music! I try to attend maybe 1 or 2 shows a week, and I’ve noticed that Nashville is consistently poppin’ out new artists. Some make it, and some don’t, but these girls that I’m about to mention, have grabbed ahold of the volcano, and are making people listen!

#1. Katie Ohh 

Small town girl who’s voice can not be ignored. Personally, I think her voice resembles that of Carrie Underwood’s, but I’ll let you be the judge of that one. Her journey shot off with her winning “The Winner Is…” back in 2013, and since then she has gotten much attention! This last year, in 2017, Katie released her EP “The Next Chapter”, which took over the charts! Within weeks, her album landed in the Top 20 on iTunes country charts! Currently on iTunes, she has 12 reviews, and a perfect 5 star rating! At the moment, she’s spreading farther than most, by singing the National Anthem at many national sporting events!

Check her out HERE: Facebook Instagram Spotify: Katie Ohh iTunes: Katie Ohh

#2. Kassi Ashton

I knew from the moment I saw this chick at the 2017 CMA’s Fest, that she was gonna be something huge! Her voice is unlike anything I’ve every heard, and she grabs your attention as soon as she hits the stage. With every word she sings, you can feel the exact emotions she’s portraying! This girl was made for the spotlight; she is someone who isn’t afraid to stand out, nor does she give a crap! Kassi was also selected to be one of the female artists for CMTs Next Women Of Country – Class of 2018! Even though Kassi has been singing for some time, recently her dream was turned into a reality when she signed a deal with UMG Nashville & Interscope Records! Her first single “California, Missouri” is already captivating the masses, and she’s becoming what I thought, “something huge”.

Check her out HERE: – FacebookInstagramStreamWebsite

#3. Amy Peters

Nashville’s next “Pop Princess”; this girl is one to watch! A mystery she is. Amy Peters is an artist that I hear so much hype about, and normally that means their good. This Friday, IN TWO DAYS, she’s releasing the second half of her album Cinematic, called Cinematic: Scene Two. You can tell she’s a small T-Swift by her marketing tactics, because people have been looking forward to this album for months. With her first album Cinematic: Scene One, Amy brings a new sound to pop music, and I’m positive she will bring much more with her second! Check out her reputable bio at here:

Check her out HERE: – FacebookInstagram – Spotify: Amy Peters – Website

#4. Hannah Ellis   

Crisp and clean; Hannah Ellis’s voice cuts through the noise and catches your attention! Her smooth style is common in today’s music world, but her lyrics and hooking melodies is what makes her different! Her EP came out late October of 2017, with 5 completely different sounding songs, and a mix of various emotions! You really can feel her drive and passion throughout each songs! Like Kassi, she as well was selected as one of the female artists for CMTs Next Women Of Country – Class of 2018!

Check her out HERE: – FacebookInstagram – Spotify: Hannah Ellis – Website

GO listen to their music, and you’ll see why they are Nashville’s women on the rise!


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