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Updated: Jul 29, 2019

Thursday afternoon I flew into the Orlando Airport, met up with my parents, rented a car, and began the 4 hour drive to southern Florida!

I flew in on Frontier Airlines (guyyysss my tickets were like $100 round trip, before the added luggage price…very very stealthy Frontier). Let me take a brief moment to review them. As I carelessly ate somewhat nothing for breakfast, thinking, “oh I will have a small snack on the flight, I’ll be fine”, I didn’t remind myself what company I was flying with. At the airport, I also disregarded the thought and need of water. I assumed the same about the water as I did my small snack. PEOPLE!!!! EAT BREAKFAST/LUNCH/ & DINNER before you board any Frontier flight. They charge up the wazoo for any food or beverages! So, instead of taking out another loan, I decided to just fall asleep and avoid my stomach completely!

Back to reality….

We are staying on this tiny island, that is south of Naples, called Marco Island! Since it took us about 4 hours to arrive, we were limited on options for dinner. We stopped at this highly rated pizza joint called Joey’s Pizza: Find Them Here

I wasn’t quite in the mood for pizza, so my parents and I got pasta! We had my favorite, Lasagna and Rigatoni with Spinach and Grilled Chicken! Each meal came with a small side salad, with delectable balsamic dressing! (Note for you: Balsamic will never taste a good is it does from true Italy, and this restaurant was owned and operated by true Italians). The pasta was amazing!!! The Lasagna was my favorite, hands down and it may have even been the best Lasagna I’ve ever had!

Aside from the food, Joey’s Pizza had a great environment and staff! Our waiter was Luca! A native born Italian, from the deep deep south of Italy (as he said, the tip of the boot). I got to practice some Italian, and hear all about the country I love!

The latter of the night consisted of getting lost a bit, grocery shopping half asleep, and finishing the Cubs game back at our condo!

Day One:

Today was my first day ever on Marco Island, and boy, was it interesting! I went from swimming in the ocean, to eating seafood on the dock, to then cutting my foot open…all in a couple of hours.

Our condo is located about a 5 minute walk from the South Beach, and Gulf of Mexico! Which, if any of you know me, I dream of being a Mermaid most of my days. So, having a condo that doesn’t require a car to get to the beach…I’d say, I’m living the dream! We all got up and ready, and headed out to the beach!

After a couple hours of shell searching, mermaid diving, sun bathing, and catching up on my reading (If you’re wondering, I’m reading Tuscan Holiday by Holly Chamberlin), we all got hungry!

We headed out to Snook Inn, to eat the catch of the day! After much hype, from reviews and locals, we expected Snook Inn to be spectacular. Sorry guys…you were not spectacular! I would say you were just average, and I guess we get what we paid for (even though I still think it was pricey for the outcome)! I got the Seafood Sampler which included Grouper, Scallops, Shrimp, and Mahi-Mahi! I don’t normally eat any fish besides shell, but I wanted to experience the full island lifestyle! The Scallops and Shrimp were well cooked and seasoned, but the Grouper and Mahi-Mahi had little to no flavor, leaving my tastebuds teased.

Also, the Blueberry Colada wasn’t very satisfying either!

After eating, we took a small drive to Tigertail Beach. As I was collecting shells on the South Beach, a lady told me a local known secret. At Tigertail Beach, when there is low tide, sand dollars are all over the place! She told us that it was quite an adventure to get to this little hidden beach, and we had two options: A) walk through a lagoon-like area to get to Sand Dollar beach or B) walk all around the perimeter (possibly 3 miles). Helllllooooo, wouldn’t be an adventure without a lagoon, am I right? We headed out to validate her secret!

I decided to walk through the slushy lagoon, and I recall she said it was totally fine to walk through barefoot. I didn’t have water shoes, and my flip flops were on the verge of breaking. So I made a choice:  potential small cuts and bruises   v.    some dollas. BIIGGG MISTAAAAKKE! About halfway through the lagoon, my left heal was punctured by something rather rough. To me, it felt like a jagged twig or a metal pipe, but by the way my skin was flappin’ in the water, I knew something was wrong.

I got to the other side, not really in pain though, but the blood just kept coming and coming. It’s still bleeding while I’m writing this. Don’t worry, I went to Urgent Care this morning…and they said I was treating it just fine. I would totally post a picture, but viewer discretion is advised, and it’s not PG for kids, lol.


We ended the night with some leftover Joey’s, Hallmark movies, and down time. Perfect evening; perfect place.


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