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Updated: Jul 29, 2019

Yes, that is Italian! I prefer italiano over spanish! Currently, I live in Nashville, Tennessee and I have 3 awesome roommates- Christy, Bethany, and Lacey! Bethany is the home decor queen; she pretty much transformed our house into Anthro/West Elm enthusiasts dream! But, hey, no complaining here, there are perks to living with a natural stylist!

For instance, she already had so many pieces that it saved my wallet a lot of extra dollas (said with a gangsta voice)! Bless you Beth! Oh and Christy helped out too!




-Living Room-




-My Room-

Yes, I know my room may not be the best, and honestly every day I have a style change and want to do something different. But, fact is..grey and burnt turquoise will always be favorites colors of mine!


Yes, he is for sale.


I’m just joking about the cat thing, please don’t try to take him or offer money!


Cute desk I got off Craiglist for only $25! I plan to refurbish and paint it soon!


Bouquet I made with flowers and details from Hobby Lobby!


This was my Grandma Vi’s cabinet. I miss her very much! Having this just makes me think of her every day.


I used fabric bins for my undies, and socks and extra stuff!


I love this comforter set, except my kitten, Nissan, has pretty much torn every quilted design from it! Ugh! I can’t get him to stop clawing stuff!


I love my cute little window, and Nissan does too!


I got these cute grey pillows at Marshall’s in a set for $19.99!


I bought these drapes at a Nashville thrift store, about $15 a piece! Great deal yo!


Here is my make shift, cute little bedside table. Currently, I am reading Tuscan Holiday (SOOOOO GOOOOD), and then the Shack! This cart is from IKEA!


Weddings, weddings, weddings!


Yes, I made this cork board! It’s a bit beaten up now, so I need to repaint it! All you do is take Elmer’s Glue, make a design and then when it dries paint over it! I used spray paint to make it easy!


Great graduation picture…just had to feature it lol.


My roommate Bethany is amazing in many things! The one thing I feel she is best at, is bringing people together! This gal knows how to through a party!

Flourish is pretty much her way of bringing women and gals together to network, and grow in their friendship! So she invites random/not so random people about once a month to a dinner at her house! Thank God I am her roommate, because that normally means FREE FOOD lol!

This was our July Flourish Event; a picnic! I attended and it was so amazing! Bethany truly has a gift for bringing people together!


This literally looks like an engagement or anthropology photoshoot! Bethany did this all herself! Put all the style together!


Literally this food was BOMB! I enjoyed this event very much! Wine; Food; what more do you have to do to get to a girls heart? Not much!


Chattin up a storm!


I hope you loved this little snippet into my life in Nashville. If you want to know where something is from in the pictures, leave a comment! I will have to ask Bethany and get back to you, lol!



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