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That's the main goal, right? Isn't this the way it gets before every single election? Our voices, our opinions, our beliefs, our "targeted" media, all start to separate us from what macroly matter. We start to trust the videos and posts we see with our own eyes, forgetting that they are specifically and analytically targeted towards us. Especially during election year, the media is planted to sway your vote. We forget that we said "Trump", "Biden", "Black Lives Matter" in small talk, and then boom, our phones are hijacked by things we have never seen or heard of.

Now, let's do an exercise. Close all open applications on your phone, put it down, take a long deep breath and adjust your posture, and think of something you are happy about or grateful for. The world seems so big and at times terrible when you have it at your finger tips, but if you just stop for a second, you'll find some peace.

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I am saddened to see the things that have taken place this year, but I am even more saddened to see how WE as a country have responded to them. I am saddened to see men and women - whose back stories are never mentioned - nationally glorified while others who are innocent and wrongfully convicted see their lives indefinitely paused. I am saddened that we are so easily swayed by the media, that we don't have another second in our day to find out what the truth is. And that's the battle; What is truth? We all want to know, yet don't care enough to seek it! And then, when those who share different opinions ask you for advice and are looking to be educated, we don't even know the answers we "fight" for. STOP letting the media impact you to the point where you make impulsive decisions. Research and find out what the facts are, think over what you believe, and then present your case if you chose to. DON'T feel pressured by others to quickly take a stance on an issue if you're not comfortable taking one. No one said you had to rush and get it out to the world!

black lives matter, blm, riots, protests, justice, trump, politics, election, biden, beliefs, opinion
black lives matter, blm, riots, protests, justice, trump, politics, election, biden, beliefs, opinion

And, the same applies to politics. Do your research!

I am not a 100% Right voter. I want to be educated and share the same beliefs with the person I vote for, whether or not they are on the Left or Right. I'm not perfect, and I don't know much about politics...BUT, I do know that I am tired of the big speech, I paid my

way to get here, BS candidates! Why are "politics" and the word "liars" so often matched; like they are synonymous or something? It's because that is history! Lying and politics have been the name of the game since you voted for your High School President. Even if they are lying to get votes, the truth will come out eventually. And personally, I feel like Trump's blunt, honest, and brutal words have been a wake up call for this country and the political arena. The job of the President is hardest job on Earth (in my opinion), and we can't waste time with those afraid of the responsibility. So, on Tuesday, I took my advice, and did some research. Embarrassingly enough, I hadn't yet looked at each candidates platforms to see who would get my vote. I made a spreadsheet, read through each platform, researched what I didn't understand, and made my decision. Here are the results: 28-N/A (platforms that Biden and Trump either agreed on, or had no comment), 34-Trump, and 4-Biden. Based on those stats, it looks like Trump will have my vote this November.

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Here are my takeaways: I believe it is your duty as an American to do your research and find truth. Don't just repost / reshare something you saw on social media before you've gathered all the details or know for a fact that it's true. And if you do know all the details, then stop leaving some out when you tell the story! Don't just vote for someone because they support at least 1 thing that you are all for. Don't just vote for someone because it's who your parents or friends are voting for. Really look at their platforms and make sure they align with what you believe in and what you want to happen in our country.


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