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Updated: Jul 28, 2019

Let me just start with saying WOWOWOWOWOW!! I have never done something so luxurious in my entire life, and honestly, it’s kinda hard to go back to reality now! To know that some people do this every single week, is craaaaaaazy!

In honor of turning 24, I thought I would do something special, (plus I had a 10% off Birthday coupon, so why not??!!)! I had been to Spa Haus in the past, for my 22nd birthday, but since then, they have renovated! They used to be called Love Skin Nashville, but it was no where close to as luxurious as Spa Haus is now! So I took a deep breathe, looked at my bank account, and booked my appointments! It was painful seeing how much money I was planning on spending, but it was sooo worth it!

I decided to go big or go home y’all. I didn’t just book a massage this year, but also a facial! I booked the “Haus Aromatherapy Massage” with Beth Anne for 30 minutes, and then the “Deep Pore Detox Treatment” facial with Lydia for 45 minutes! You can view pricing on their website: Spa Haus Nashville

Here’s the descriptions:

IMG_6401 (1)

When you get to Spa Haus Nashville, you check in at the front desk, and then they guide you back to their Relaxation Room while you wait! Pro-tip: Make sure you arrive like 15-20 minutes early so you can actually enjoy the Relaxation Room; I arrived right on time. Oops, my bad.  The room is very dark and peaceful, filled with 3 massage chairs, 2 sofa chairs, hot tea and water, a waterfall, and calming music. It was complete and utter bliss.


Beth Anne came and gathered me from the Relaxation Room, and took me to my paradise! Her massage room was filled with sounds of the ocean, and was very dimly lit. She held out a couple different types of essential oils for me to try, and I decided to go with one of my all time favorites: Lavender! She dabbed a bit of it on my head rest, so that I could inhale it throughout the massage. Beth Anne must have been pretty good, because I managed to fall asleep! But, don’t worry, I did wake up for most of it! I’ve only had one other massage in my life, so Beth Anne had many, many, many, years of knots built up to work with. After she finished, she set out a comfy robe and slippers for me while I wait for my facial! She led me back to the Relaxation Room while my facial was being prepped.


Lydia, my facial gal, came for me, and took me back to another peaceful room. This room though, had a mirror across the wall, with some beautiful greenery (probably fake) hanging from the ceiling tangled between small lights. I didn’t really know what to expect, because I’ve never had the ability to get a facial before, but I will say one word sums it up: Heaven! I’m honestly not sure what the facial consisted of, because I was way too busy enjoying it, but I do remember there being like 4 different steps! And of course Lydia did tell me what she was doing and what products she was using, but I completely forgot! I did manage to snap a quick shot of the products, just in case y’all were curious!


The top products are a couple of PCA Products that I purchased in their store, which were recommended to me by Lydia, and then the bottom picture are the PCA Products she used during my facial! Apparently PCA is a great brand for acne and blemish control, so I am trying it out to see what happens! Yo girl definitely needs something that works, cause my skin is outta control! During my facial, I also received a complimentary 24K Lip Treatment, which felt aaahhhmmmaaazing!

The “Before” picture is right after my facial that day, and the “After” is about 6 hours after the facial. I think there is some difference there!


When Lydia finished, I got dressed and headed back to the Relaxation Room for a little Spa Haus treat; in my opinion this is the best thing they have going for them! You get a choice of Champagne or Wine, and some chocolate deserts to end your visit with! **I may or may not have asked for the Champagne upon arrival, whoops.


Overall, my experience was so so good at Spa Haus Nashville, and I would recommend it to anyone who lives here, and doesn’t have much money to drop! The staff is super friendly, the spa is very clean, and just completely luxurious!

I hope you check it out!

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