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Updated: Jan 1, 2020


ONE | I love these mini travel cocktails! I first saw them at Marshalls and now I feel like I see them everywhere. Yes, they are a bit pricey, but if you want a luxurious travel experience, these will definitely put you in that state of mind! Pick your poison: Margarita, Bloody Mary, Champagne Cocktail, Gin & Tonic, Hot Toddy, Moscow Mule, and Old Fashion! $15-44 (2 pack)

TWO | I have always been the only one out of my friends who has one of these, and I have no idea why! I use a luggage scale everywhere I go. It helps you gauge just how many souvenirs you can bring home! And heck, with over 6,000 reviews, this baby must be valuable! $11

THREE | I use to think, "what's up with these packing don't people know if they are just organized and fold their stuff, they would be fine?". But OH NO was I wrong. These packing cubes are a life and time saver! I finally gave in to society trends about 3-4 years ago, and spent the money on these things that I thought were so wasteful! And man I'm glad I did. If you haven't bought yourself some of these, they will really help you pack and save you some more space for those souvenirs! $20

FOUR | I randomly saw this featured on Instagram one day, on those Ads that pop up of stuff you should buy, and I thought "huh, this sounds like a good idea.". Now, I haven't bought one yet, but I think I just might this next year. Having all your liquids sorted in the same area, with leak proof protection is awesome! And, it's TSA approved! $12

FIVE | I'm a firm believer that you don't need all your stuff when you travel! Especially if you're going to a country or city you've never been to before, why risk having all your stuff? I mean, come on, do you really need that Dominos Gift Card that you haven't used in 5 years, that only holds a $1.15 balance on it?? I doubt it. So just limit yourself to the Debit Cards or Credit Cards that you're actually going to use. This little wallet is also RFID Blocking (in case you don't know what that is, I added a link for your research). $13

SIX | Have you ever gotten through security, and were like crap, I don't have any water and then you go spend $3.5+ on a water bottle that you're just going to throw away? Well, stop doing that! You can use that money for sooooo many other amazing things! Invest one time for a collapsible water bottle that you can take literally anywhere you travel! I don't have this specific bottle, but I believe it's probably better than the one I've had for years! (this is mine: VAPUR bottle) $12

SEVEN | I don't go anywhere without some portable charger! It sucks when you're in the thick of climbing a mountain, or roaming the streets of some historical city, and your phone dies. Probably because you forgot to turn off your Wifi and Bluetooth and Roaming, and it's just been going crazy all day. This is small enough to fit in a purse, pocket, etc. so that you can charge items on the go! $26

EIGHT | Travel light, I tell you! This backpack is extremely lightweight, and also has the RFID Blocking Anti-Theft Protection too! I know it's a bit pricey, but Baggallini has been making awesome travel accessories for some time, and you shouldn't have to replace it for a while. $75

NINE | Yes! Something so small that will barely take up any of my luggage space! This may not be important to you, but I have a cat, so keeping stuff looking clean on the go is worth it to me! Plus, this lint roller is retractable, so you won't be losing any of the stickiness when storing it! $10

TEN | I use to store all of my shoes when I traveled in a grocery bag, which works well and is free, but I decided that I needed an upgrade! I bought a pack on Amazon, that came with maybe 10 bags, and I have found them to be super helpful with packing! No more dirt in the suitcase or clothes getting messy! $10

ELEVEN | Raise your hand if you travel alone, and hate asking random strangers to take your picture? Yup, that's me. And also, sometimes it's not the smartest idea to trust someone with your valuables! This tripod is super cool! It's not just for DSLRs or phones, it's durable to all sorts of devices, including GoPros. $17

TWELVE | Game changer! I've been browsing through the Sky Magazines, and have seen these all over the internet. I don't own one yet, so I'm not sure how comfortable they really are, but just ask the 1,000+ reviewers what they think of it; Looks pretty legit to me. I also believe I once read an article on how these foot rests are not just made to comfort one self, but have multiple health benefits too! $20

I'm so excited for this Christmas, and all the new adventures this year will bring! I hope you all have a Happy Thanksgiving, and Holiday Season and comment below what you'll be buying for yourself or the Traveler(s) in your life!


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