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Updated: Jul 29, 2019

Christmas has always been one of my favorite holidays! I love the traditions, quality family time, the time off work, the peace, and the memories, BUT I do not like how drained my wallet is afterwards!! This year is especially hard! I started a new job in April, and haven’t yet been able to save nor budget for many luxurious things! And living in Nashville, sure does not help that cause!

So… this year I’m going to have to skim it down for Christmas, and I hope my family and friends can understand!

I’m not quite sure what I will be getting everyone on my list, but my budget is around $15 or less per person, and I wanted to share it with you guys!

Candles, Candles, Candles!

This is actually one of my New Year resolutions from 2016… to finally burn through all my candles! Did this happen, nah bro! I have tried soooo hard to use them all! So, give the gift that keeping on giving; a candle! They also make great stocking stuffers!

Here are some of my favorites:

WHERE TO BUY: Wal-Mart, Target, Urban Outfitters, Barnes & Noble, etc.

Also sold on their website:

VOLUSPA – $10 (price ranges on size)

WHERE TO BUY: Athropologie, Nordstrom, etc.

Also sold on their website:

Music, Music, Music!

You can never go wrong with some awesome new tunes! I personally love having a physical copy, whether its a CD or a Vinyl!

Here are some albums that are on my list, and maybe they’re on yours too:


Reputation – Taylor Swift – $15

WHERE TO BUY: All media outlets

Available online, with her new merchandise:


All The Earth – The Belonging Co – $15

WHERE TO BUY: iTunes, Amazon, etc.

Physical Copy/Merchandise:


Evolve – Imagine Dragons – $11.88 (price vary by store)

WHERE TO BUY: All media outlets

Available online/with stores list:

Other good CD’s off iTunes Top 100 List:

  1. Kelsea Ballerini – Unapologetically

  2. Tim McGraw & Faith Hill – The Rest of Our Life

  3. Meaning of Life – Kelly Clarkson

  4. Chris Stapleton – From A Room Volume 2

Beauty, Beauty, Beauty!

There are some small things that I seem to always run out of! And some things I could really use!

Dry Shampoo – Batiste – $5 (price varies on size)

WHERE TO BUY: Target, Ulta, Amazon, Marshalls, TJMaxx, etc.

I normally buy mine at Marshalls because it’s so much cheaper!

Facial Spray – Mario Badescu – $7

WHERE TO BUY: Ulta, Urban Outfitters, Saks Fifth Avenue, Wal-Mart, etc.

This product is great to freshen up throughout the day!

Available online as well:

I looooooveeee Lush products, and they have so many good and cheap things perfect for your budget! One thing I love more than bath bombs, Mint Julips – Lip Scrub, leaves your lips super soft and tasty!


Knowledge, Knowledge, Knowledge!

The gift of growth is always a wise choice! Currently, my book list is extremely long… but here are some I recommend:

Since I have a massive stack of books right next to my bed, waiting for me to pick them up and read em, I don’t have any more time to start something new…but you may!

Here is the Best Sellers of this year: Best Sellers of 2017

I hope you can find something in here that someone will love!


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