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Updated: Jul 28, 2019

So, embarrassing story right here. Last week, I was sitting in one of my favorite coffee shops, sippin’ on some High Garden tea, when I noticed this guy behind me, and I couldn’t help but to look him up and down! First, I saw his amazing long hair, which if you know me personally, you’d know that men with hair is one of my weaknesses. Thennnn, I mayyy have noticed his nice and perfectly toned body. And then, I saw his shoes … Y’ALLLL I WAS CHECKING OUT MY EX BOYFRIEND!!! Can it get any more embarrassing than that??!! I doubt it.

I wanna be real here. These past couple of months have been slightly harder than most, and I have been a bit depressed. Some have recommended that I go see a counselor, but honestly I’ve done that and I’m so passed it. I know the drill, exactly what they are going to say, and no matter how well it’s worked for their clients in the past, my needs can only be fulfilled with one person: Jesus. So, they can give me all the self help stuff, but I truly just need to talk it out with Jesus and grow from there.

I’m finally getting out of my funk a bit, and trust me it was not the “winter funk” like most people claim, because ya girl is from Chi-Ca-Go. I can handle the cold, dark, and dreary days; I have 8 years of experience to prove it.

Does any of this sound familiar to you?? Cause girl/boy, you’re not alone!! And I want to share with you some tips that I’m discovering that may help you out as well.

1. Delve Into A New/One Of Your Hobbies:

I started getting more involved in my music! I’m now writing songs every single week, and working on producing them to hopefully put them out into the world some day! I’ve noticed that a lot of my anger and just things I’ve been holding on to, have been fading when I write them down on paper and express them in a different way!

2. Get Rid Of Anything That Doesn’t Make You Feel Good:

If you’re not over someone, delete everything. Wipe it clean. I went through and deleted everything and anything I had of that person. I even went through and blocked that person on social media, and untagged certain pictures. You gotta do, what you gotta do. If you’re stuck comparing yourself to someone on social media, UNFOLLOW them! If it’s a friend of yours, like I mean you know you them personally, you can be the judge of that one. I had to unfollow a lot of people that made me always judge myself. Is that their intent? For most people, I would say absolutely not, but for some, yeah they do love shoving their wealth and beauty into your face! Find the genuine people out there!

3. Go Somewhere New:

If you’re flooded with memories every time you go to the same places, switch it up! I had to make the decision that I was gonna run my own track, and find holes in the wall for myself! No memories tied there, just new experiences. Again, you gotta do, what you gotta do!

4. Read Self Help Books:

Yeah, ya girl said it! I love self help books! I’m honestly not sure if the books I’m reading are categorized as “Self Help”, but they have good repercussions! You may not have any problems (keep telling yourself that), but everyone deserves to better themselves! Here are a couple that I’m reading currently:

Uninvited: Lysa TerKeurst – 100 Days To Brave: Annie Downs – The New Rules for Love, Sex, & Dating: Andy Stanley

I hope that these tips will help you a little bit. We’ve all been there, and will some day be there again! That’s being a human for ya! I’m still on my journey to finding out who I am, and what my purpose is, but I can feel that I am close.

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