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Updated: Jul 29, 2019

FALL is FINALLY HERE! Camping, bonfires, Football, hotdogs, hamburgers, cold weather, the color of the leaves, cute clothes, smore’s….and so much more! I’m so excited that it’s been getting colder here in Nashville, but I can tell my body is very confused! One day, it’s freezing, and the next (like today) it’s comfortable…. HELLLLOOO WEATHER, I would like to finally fall-clean my closet! ARE YOU LISTENING?????? I’m sick of digging under my bed for sweaters and cardigans and flannel shirts, and then the next day, picking out a tank top! And then this dilemma: when I finally do pick out something to wear, my office is freaking out! One day, it’s burning up and I’m sweating like I’m back in gymnastics. The next day, I’m still sweating, but more like I’m snowboarding.

Nothing makes me happier than layering, lol! The struggle is so real here in summer without being able to layer! Layering is where is I bring my A game. Ya know what I mean? Some dresses just don’t look good without a sweater!

Disclaimer: Now, I’m not your average blogger. I don’t have boat loads to spend, and (so far) I’m not earning commission based off of what I blog about…. so be ready for most everything to be in your price range 🙂 ! Oh, and I don’t have a really good looking boyfriend who takes all my pictures whenever I ask him to! These pictures, are ugly and raw… so deal with it! Thankfully, my beautiful co-worker Sam took these this afternoon for me, while had a WIFI outage at work!

This outfit is super comfortable, adorable, and stands out! I wore it to work today, and it’s by far one of my favorite Fall outfits! Now, its not the normal fall colors that you see on every other basic chick (this is so not an insult because I am basic af), but honestly I am way more of a black kinda girl! Dark is my thang!

Outfit Details (I don’t remember prices):

  1. Sweater Dress: Target – Merona

  2. Leather Jacket: Atelier Classe by Mirko Michele 

  3. I designed this jacket myself when I was in Firenze, and Mirko made it for me! He has a similar design to mine, called Emma, on the website! P.S. this jacket is killer, but also killer expensive!

  4. Knee-High Boots: Born Shoes

  5. Now, these boots were decently expensive, but I got them for half off at Nordstrom Racks online. This brand caters to those with Plantar Fasciitis, and brands like that, costs mullah.

  6. Purse: Nine West – Burlington Coat Factory (believe it or not, it was $9)

  7. Faux Leather unfortunately! But, super cute with the studs and cheetah print lining!

  8. Earrings: Van Heusen 

  9. Necklace: Forever 21 

Shop the look HERE


For those of you who are broke af, here are some stores I get good deals at, yet good quality stuff!

1. Hautelook:   $-$$$

They always have awesome designer sales, and I have really gotten some deals of there! They are connected to Nordstrom Rack, so if you can’t find something there or the sale ended, be sure to check their website too!

2. Nordstrom Rack:  $-$$$

Super cute fall clothes for about half the price!

3. Goodwill:  $

I went shopping at Goodwill on Saturday…and boy, did I find so many awesome things! I’m gonna try to sell them, but some I may keep! Shhh…don’t tell anyone lol!

4. Plato’s Closet:    $-$$

Plato’s Closet has some freakin awesome stuff! I always find unique pieces to add to my wardrobe!

Here are some of my pics:

I hope you have a Happy fall, and can look cute as well!

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