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Updated: Jul 29, 2019

Let me begin by saying this place blew my mind! I am not wealthy by far, but this quaint shop made me feel like a million bucks! When you walk in to Caviar & Bananas it’s like opening the golden gates of Heaven! Every dream you ever had about style, fashion, food, and coffee, comes alive by the bliss of this place!

If you’re not from around Nashville Caviar & Bananas is located in Midtown close to Vanderbilt. The location isn’t really car friendly, which in my opinion is a huge Con for Caviar. So, if you happen to be driving to the shop, park down the road close to Panera and Chipotle. Most of the parking there is free or 2 hour max parking!

About a month ago, I visited Caviar & Bananas for the first time with my blogger friend Kelly! Find her blog here, The Everyday Babe! We had high expectations, and I would say most of them were exceeded! I assumed that Caviar & Bananas was just another coffee shop, based on what many of my friends have said, but I was very wrong! Caviar is also a restaurant and market! Kelly and I decided to grab a bite there and have a quick photoshoot!

As you walk in, the coffee shop portion with little goodies is on your right, and the main dish food is straight ahead! They had so many options to chose from! Honestly, I was expecting to drop a pretty penny here, but if I were comparing it to similar Nashville shops, I would say it’s almost equal or about the same! I happened to chose expensive items, but if you were on a budget, this still would be worth it!

They have a salad bar, and a sandwich and soup bar. Their salads range from $7+, their sandwiches were about $6+, and soups were around $4+. I got the Pimento Cheese BLT, and I was NOOOOTTTT impressed. Actually, I may have been impressed, but I honestly have never had pimento cheese before, so that might have swayed my judgement. For my side (which is not included fyi) I got caviar potato chips! These seemed to be a good idea at the time, but once I delve deeper into the bag, the caviar flavor took over. All I thought in my head was, “Wow, is this what caviar tastes like? Maybe that’s why I’ve never had it before”.

Dear Caviar, I do not like you, and I will never pay to have you again.

Sincerely, my taste buds.

I went up to the counter, and the lovely gentlemen exchanged my sandwich for the potato soup instead, good choice! I would most definitely recommend the soup; not too much salt, and a good amount of cream and cheese!

my reaction to the sandwich… yuck, yuck, splickety yuckety yuck.

The market is very different, and you can find a lot of food and drinks that you’ve probably never seen anywhere else! So, if you’re in the mood to try something new, check out their variety of options!

Caviar’s aesthetics are what make it an exciting place! From the various types of tiles, and the medley of decor, this place is an experience! From walking in, to ordering food, and to sitting down, my eyes couldn’t help but wander even more. The owners of Caviar & Bananas did a fabulous job creating an interesting environment! An environment that welcomes you, and tells you you belong.

In conclusion (just like in high school lol), I love Caviar & Bananas and will certainly be returning! Although, I will never try the Pimento nasty sandwich AGAIN! If you live in Nashville, and are reading this, and have yet to experience this shop … DROP IT RIGHT NOW AND GET YOSELF OVER TO THIS PLACE PRONTO!  I gladly recommend it to anyone and everyone, and hope that you see the beauty in it as I did! When you do, please, please leave a comment and let me know what you think!


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