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Updated: Oct 10, 2019

I'll start off by saying this, you definitely need more than 2 days to really enjoy this city! We were only there for about 43 hours, and that just wasn't enough!! We ended up falling in love with the city and wishing we just had a few more days. But alas, due to my crazy work schedule we were not able to do so. I also learned a few lessons during those short days, and the first is this: DON'T OVER PLAN!

I'm known for trying to pack as much stuff as possible into a single day, where I'll end up pissed off, hangry, an emotional wreck, and then I'll somehow take it all out on Matt. That's exactly what happened on the first day! To vouch for myself, a lot of what happened that day was due to tourists and lines. Which, ya know what that means, MY PLANS DID NOT HAPPEN THE WAY I WANTED THEM TO!! This led to us wasting a good chunk of our day!

Second, I learned that getting in late is not always the best thing. I've taken a lot of trips, and I generally book the last flight of the night because of the cost, (people kept asking me "Why Boston?", and honestly I'd say "Cheap flights!".) but I think I may start to change that. I end up staying awake even longer, and have trouble falling asleep due to excitement. So, here's the new plan: take an earlier flight, settle in to whatever destination, and maybe have a nice drink or dinner to end the evening! Ah, that sounds wayyyyy better than what I have been doing!

Now, to jump from the negative to the positive, I'll share what we did with the time that wasn't terrible!


We started our trip by flying in super late on Southwest Airlines, and arrived in the city around 11:35 pm. We then took a Lyft (we didn't rent a car because parking is not the best in Boston) to our hotel, The Revolution Hotel, and checked in! I was already tired from the flight, and then the reception lady told us that our room was not yet available. Huh, how is it NOT YET available? I was very confused, because check-in was at 4 pm, and it was past 1:00 am! Then, so settle my pissed-offness she told us that she could upgrade us to a Loft just for the night! I looked at her and said, "hell yes"!

The Revolution Hotel - Junior Suite

This hotel was extremely cute and modern, and also one of the cheaper hotels we could find in the city. The last night, we stayed in a much smaller, snug room (our original room), which had a bathroom down the hall.

Since our flight was late and we didn't get some rest until about 2-3 am, we decided to sleep in a bit longer. We had initially wanted to get breakfast at Milkweed but due to another activity that was at 10:45 am, we asked the hotel staff where we could get a quick bite. The guy recommended South End Buttery, which happened to be define!

South End Buttery - South End Boston

Matt and I both got this Red Tea iced, but I can't figure out what kind of tea it was! It tasted sort of like the Big Red gum, but with more of a calm flavor. Then I got an Almond Croissant, and Matt got the Lorraine Quiche (caramelized onion, bacon and gruyére)!! After a taste of Matt's pick, I instantly regretted the croissant, and went and order the same quiche! It was one of the best quiches I have EVER EVER had! If you're in Boston, I would definitely recommend this spot for breakfast!

Voted “Best Breakfast” in Boston by Improper Bostonian Magazine (July 2015), The Buttery is all about real food made by hand using traditional methods and all-natural ingredients. Our South End café greets customers with bold flavors and a warm, welcoming environment.

The Boston Brewery - Samuel Adams

Matt and I thought it would be cool to see where the original Sam Adams beer came from, so we booked the "Morning Mash-in Tour" for a behind the scenes experience. Honestly, I didn't think the tour was really that great. From what I could tell, their process of making beer was quite similar to other brands that I have toured. I really just liked the part where we tried different Sam Adams beers, and our tour guide explained the difference between them. Now that was interesting! I wouldn't recommend this if you're in a time crunch, or don't care about beer that much! You can try the beers there without the tour! They did have an awesome smokey German Ale, that is not yet available!

After this tour we started our journey on the Old Town Trolley Tour - Boston, to see all the sights! I'm not sure if I would recommend this either! It was around $41 per person, and it's those trolleys with the hop-on hop-off plan. It was a good resource to be able to see around the whole city, but it really only took you in the inner loop, and it was very crowded. A lot of the time people wouldn't get off the trolley, so you would have to wait 15-20 minutes for the next round. Also, one of my biggest complaints, it was really hard to find the actually stops. This day and age, they totally should have an interactive tracking map on some kind of phone app. I had to call them multiple times, to figure out where in the heck the stop was. But for $41 a person, that really is a cheaper alternative than Lyfting around the city!

We hopped on the trolley and headed for the pier!

Yankee Lobster Co.

Honestly, maybe I didn't order the right thing, because I didn't really see what the hype was all about. This is one of the top-rated restaurants in Boston, and I couldn't see as to why. I did not get the lobster, which maybe I should have, but instead I got lobster chowder and that was decent. Matt got a fish sandwich which was also just alright, kinda bland in my opinion. To me, it's hard to get rid of the sea flavor sometimes and that's the kind of fish I like to eat! I don't think I would visit this place again, unless I decide to try the lobster next time.

We walked around for a bit after this, and hopped on the trolley again. We decided to stay on for the whole loop of the city, to just relax and get ideas for the next day! Also, we wanted to find some cool spots for a brief photoshoot before dinner.


Don't assume that you'll get to eat here! Make a reservation at least a couple nights in advance, because they are normally booked for the evening! We forgot to do this, and luckily they had a 9 pm slot open. First, we ordered the "Wood Grilled Squid and Octopus" {braised white beans and toasted parsley} appetizer! I actually thought this was pretty good, but still couldn't get over how slimy and chewy it was!

Matt, on the other hand, loved slurpin' down them tentacles!

For our Secondi, I ordered "Gnocchi "a la Bolognese"" {meat ragout, tomato, porcini cream and pecorino}, and Matt ordered the "Crispy Pork Chop" {vinegar peppers, roasted onions and potatoes} which he thinks in the best pork chop he's ever had.

For dessert, we ordered Tiramisu, which was one of the best I've ever had!

I would definitely recommend Prezza, but get ready to spend a pretty penny going here!

We finished the night late, and got a Lyft back to our cozy loft!

Rise & Shine!

We we're up bright and early on the second day, because we learned from the day before that time was precious! We started our day off by getting coffee and a pastry at our hotel (The Revolution Hotel), and then headed out for a huge day of adventuring! I have always wanted to see Harvard, MIT, and walk through Cambridge, so that's what we did! If you start from Boston, you'll hit Cambridge first, then MIT, and then you'll end up at Harvard! It's a beautiful walk, and definitely is manageable if you have the right type of comfy shoes! But if your feet start to hurt, like ours did on the way back, you could always rent a bicycle! The BLUEbikes were all over the city, and just $2.50 for the first 30 minutes.

For breakfast, we tried to first hit up The Friendly Toast , but once we arrived, the woman told us it would be about 1.5-2 hr wait. I'm sorry, no thank you! So we decided that since the pastry and coffee kinda filled us up, we would wait and find something to eat along the walk! Matt was the one looking at all the reviews, and he found a quaint little spot called Brookline Lunch!

Brookline Lunch

Apparently, not a lot of people know what it is, but the locals all had good things to say! There was a line when we got there, but it moved decently fast. NO call aheads! We waited maybe 15-20 minutes at max. But then, oh then, we found out the restaurant is 100% CASH! Matt had to run over to the ATM across the street! So, if you go here for breakfast or lunch, remember they only take CASH! Their menu is much like normal breakfast menus, just tastes a lot better! I got the pancake, egg, and bacon platter and man was that good! If you're really hungry, I would recommend you going on a weekday to try and breeze past the line!

After a great filling lunch, we continued on our journey to see all the historic university sights! MIT went by quickly, but they have a gorgeous campus! Harvard was unbelievable! It was amazing walking where so many scholars have

walked and studied! It was cool to put a face to the picture of Harvard that so many movies out there portray!

After walking around for a bit, we decided to head back in to town to see the Boston Public Library! This is when we chose to pick up a BLUEbike, because we didn't want to have to walk all that way back! The Boston Public Library is beautiful, full of history, and best of all it's completely free! So if you have time and love nostalgic, historical places, the Boston Library should definitely be on your list. We decided after the library that we would love to find some cute boutiques or unique shops in Boston. But, we were a little bit hungry first, so we wanted to get an early dinner out of the way.

Burro Bar South End

Burro Bar is a bougie Tex-Mex bar in the foodie part of Boston (South End). Pretty darn expensive, but I do think everything was well worth the cost, besides the small bowl of chips and salsa. Now that was a rip off! I loved the Blackberry Margarita and the Brisket taco!

By the time we finished dinner, a lot of the boutique places that I had set my eyes on, were mostly all closed! That's okay; I'm positive I will be back in Boston!

So y'all, I didn't have a lot of time, but I would say Matt and I used the heck out of the 2 days we got! I would definitely recommend for anyone to go to Boston, especially now that the weather is getting colder and the leaves are starting to change! Matt and I both agreed that when we go back it will absolutely be for more than 2 days! That way, we really do have enough time to explore the city!

I hope y'all took a way some good notes and some baby negatives from this, and really determine for you what is worth seeing in Boston!


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