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Updated: Jul 28, 2019

Ever since I was little, I have dreamed of staying or living in a huge mansion (ya know, those Disney movies got me thinking that it was the norm lol), and this past weekend that dream came true! I had the privilege of staying at Mike Shanahan’s [AKA ex-Denver Broncos Coach] house, via my best friends/his nieces, and the house blew my expectations waaayyyyyyyy out of the water! I don’t think I’ve ever stepped one foot in something so massive and elegant! **Just to paint a picture for you: my high schools student body was around 2,200, and I’m pretty sure Coach Shanahan’s house is as big as my high school! Like DAAAAMMNNNN dats BIG!

When I go on vacation, like most, I’m in a completely different mindset! I’m not use to long vacations, especially not 5 day ones, so it’s hard to unplug and just relax! **Relaxing for me = cramming as much as possible into 1 day, and keeping my butt busy! And, I’m also not use to vacations like this one! Since I didn’t know what to expect, I made no plans what so ever, and that’s so odd for me! No plans, means: down time, quiet time, time to analyze, time to overanalyze, and time to focus. I did a lot of these things over those 5 days. Which, can be good, but also can be bad! **This is exactly why I didn’t like restocking when I worked at Ulta – so much quiet time to think, think, think. Pretty much a self therapy session … no thank you.

Staying in such a big place, I never imagined ever being lonely! Like fairy tails, I just assumed that if you had a life like that, you were happy and always fine! But, I was soooo wrong …

Side Note/True story: I legit wandered without my glasses to the pool one day, and I couldn’t make out what was at the end of the hallway! I literally thought it was person, so I went a hid behind a column! As I got closer, my eyes focused in on a plant. Yup! Dats right; I thought a plant was a person trying to kill me! I ALMOST DIED Y’ALL! HEART ATTACK ALERT!

It made me want someone there to share it with. Yeah, I know what you’re thinking, “you were with like 4 other people” or “who freakin’ cares; you were in a MANSION, stop complaining”! I was indeed – to both of those! But, I longed for someone else, someone I probably haven’t met yet! I don’t know why it’s so hard for me to admit out loud, [maybe because I’m embarrassed or I feel ridiculously naive], but I want to be married! Or at least starting that journey with someone! I remember sitting on the dock with my ex over a year ago, and him saying, “you want to be married, don’t you?”. And all I could do was cry and nod. “I can’t give you that”, he said.

Now, here’s some truth, some pathetic and sad sad truth! There have been nights over this past year, that I’ve cried myself to sleep. There have been days where I’ve seen couples and have been super envious! Where do you NOT see couples in Nashville lol! THEY … ARE … EVERYWHERE! This city is a magnet for couples, newly weds, and young families! It’s super rare when I meet a girl or guy that isn’t in a relationship or already married! I mean, there are couples here, that are in pre-marital counseling when they are D.A.T.I.N.G … I’m sorry, is it just me, or is that like super duper weird??!!

Now, for the encouraging part of my post! **Y’all know I wasn’t gonna leave that on a depressing note lol! It’s OKAY, and normal to feel lonely! It’s okay to have wants and desires! But don’t let your wants, ruin your happiness or ruin something beautiful! That mansion, was beautiful beyond anything I’ve every experienced! And I would be down right stupid, to let something I don’t have, dictate my time! Hellllsssss nah! I’ve learned that God knows your hearts desires, and He promises them to you! Making it happen won’t help at all! It will just delay the gifts! I’ve also learned, that getting what you want, doesn’t fill whatever hole or void you have! Does it help?? A-freakin’-mennnn, it does!! But, even if a guy lands in my lap tomorrow (ain’t gon’ happen), I’ll still have moments of loneliness till I die! It’s just a human feeling that NEVER goes away! Sorry if that just recked your world!

Here are some WAY better pictures and articles of/about Coach Shanahan’s house (i accidentally deleted a lot of my shots, no idea how though): p.s. it’s on the market!!! Who’s got 22 mil to blow????

Mike Shanahan’s 32,000 Square Foot Cherry Hills Village, CO Mega Mansion Listed For $22 Million

Mike Shanahan’s Cherry Hills Village home listed for sale at $22 million

Mike Shanahan’s Cherry Hills home on market for $22 million


Dinner at Izakaya Den // Hiking at Red Rocks // Fancy dinner at Shanahan’s Steakhouse // Gelato at Fior di Latte (Boulder) // Epic Escape Game // Breakfast at First Watch  // Celestrial Seasonings tour  (Boulder) // Lunch at Next Door Eatery (Boulder)

**Sushi at Izakaya Den was spectacular! Probably some of the best sushi and seafood I’ve ever had! **Hiking at Red Rocks is beautiful, and there are many trails to go on! They also have this cute little town, where you can do some quick shopping and grab a small bite to eat! **Shanahan’s Steakhouse is fantastic! Super yummy food, but it will definitely break your bank! Make sure you have at least a $100 per person if you decide on dining there! Oh, and tip your waitress 20%, don’t be cheap! **Fior di Latte in Boulder was pretty good! Not as good as gelato in Italy, but a nice settle! **Epic Escape game was soooo much fun! I’ve never done an escape game before, but this definitely was a challenge and put my skills to the test! We beat the game by 6 seconds lol; a game that had a 43% success rate … yeah, we boss! **First Watch is a classic favorite of mine! They have super fresh food, and everything is moderately priced – affordable for a broke 20 something year old! We have them here in Nashville, so I frequent them yearly! **Touring Celestrial Seasonings tea factory! I did this with my family when I was like 9 years old, so it was an awesome blast from the past! Learn all about the popular tea brands history, and how their tea is made in their one-and-only factory in Boulder, CO! **Next Door Eatery was good quality food for the price! Nice and peaceful environment for an afternoon break!

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