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• Emily Eliza

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“It’s Okay To Not Be Okay” – 11/9/2018



It is okay to be vulnerable and say that things are not going so well in your life. You can not always have everything go to the plan you created. Many of us have experience unexpected obstacles that get in our way or keep us from staying on the path we are on.


My realization of this started back in October of 2016 when something traumatic happened to me. I was sexually assulted by a “friend” of mine. I know this is a taboo topic to talk about, but I feel that it is not talked about enough. The society we live in thinks that it is okay and normal for this to happen to people. Not only to females, but also to males. It has been sickening to me as I became vulnerable to share with others, I hear more stories similar to mine. They have been sexually assulted. It was a shocker for me at first, but then I felt like I became so immune to hearing so many of the same stories. Let that sink it! That’s sickening. I had become so immune to hearing this over and. But when you look up the statistic, that are probably inaccurate because most people who have this kind of traumatic event happen to them, never tell anyone.



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