About Me

Ciao! I’m Emily Hefta aka Emily Eliza!
I'm a big city Chicago girl, living in a smaller version of it, known as Nashville, TN!

I've got some BIG goals and some BIG dreams, and I plan on making all of them happen! Life is just an adventure and it's all up to you!

I'm in love with Jesus, traveling the world, my kitty Nissan, Italy, anything High Fashion, sushi, everything outdoors, a good chill concert, crafting and content creating, and my guy Matt - he's the BOMB.COM!

I'm an energetic 24 year old, who is a bit lost in life, BUT that's totally okay! I majored in Entertainment & Music Business, and always thought I would end up being a Tour Manager or an Artist Manager ... yet, here I am, not in the Music Industry!

Maybe a part of me still wants that, but right now all I care about is: paying off all my debt, and saving up a wad of cash to see the world!
So, at the moment I am a Content and Marketing Freelancer, Travel Planner, and a Blogger! Doing my own thang!

To the right, is my buddy and side-kick, Nissan! (yes, the car manufacturer) I rescued him when I worked at Nissan Stadium, because they were going to gas the kittens out, and I could NOT let that happen! He's a biter and a scratcher, but I still love him!


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